Eli Lilly Selects Copyright Clearance Center's RightSphere for Global Workforce
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Eli Lilly Selects Copyright Clearance Center's RightSphere for Global Workforce

DANVERS, Mass., June 4, 2007—Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), the world's largest provider of text licensing rights, today announced that Eli Lilly and Company, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical firms, will deploy CCC's RightSphere service to consolidate and manage its content rights globally.

RightSphere, an advanced, Web-based rights advisory and management tool, promotes the free flow of published information while allowing content users to respect the copyrights of authors and publishers.

RightSphere delivers instant information to the desktops of employees on their rights to use published articles, book excerpts and research data. For librarians, RightSphere consolidates and organizes all of a company's content rights into a single, manageable repository. These rights can come from any source including CCC, or directly from publishers, aggregators, laws in other countries, or expressions of company policies.

Lilly joins Boeing and two other leading pharmaceutical companies, Novartis and Astra-Zeneca, as RightSphere customers. RightSphere was launched in late 2006.

RightSphere requires no training for end-users. They simply hit the RightSphere button when they find content they wish to use, and the service tells them if they have rights for the intended use.

"RightSphere impressed us with its flexibility and configurability, and with CCC's commitment in working with us," said Bruce Longbottom, Associate General Counsel, Trademark & Copyright at Lilly. "The product is adaptable to our needs and workflows."

Nola Heyns, Associate Information Consultant, Lilly, said CCC's customer support team has supported a successful implementation, training Lilly's content managers to access, populate and edit the RightSphere database. "Users have responded positively to the tool. Now our rights are explained in plain English and organized in an intuitive and easily accessible database."

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