Copyright Clearance Center Launches Enhanced Site
Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center Launches Enhanced Site

DANVERS, Mass., May 14, 2007—Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), the world's largest provider of text-licensing solutions, today released a complete redesign and significant enhancements to its widely used web site, is the largest licensing platform on the Web for text content, with more than 1 million visits per year by corporate and academic content users. The site offers rights to millions of copyrighted works.

The new site can be found at To learn about the changes and improvements visit

"CCC continually strives to make it easier for people to get the rights and copyright permissions they need for a wide variety of uses and in a wide range of uses," said Bill Burger, Vice President of Marketing at CCC. "Our new website delivers an enhanced e-commerce experience and offers more educational resources and information about copyright than ever before. For the millions of content users who rely on CCC to help them share and use content, the new site will be a great improvement." enhancements include:

  • Redesigned Home Page and Improved Site Navigation:'s new design makes it easier to make quick and informed decisions about how to use and share copyrighted materials. A new navigation bar with drop-down menus gets users directly to the information they need.
  • Simplified Search & Order and Order Management: The new site makes it easier for first-time visitors and power users to find and purchase permission to use copyrighted content. Users simply enter the name of a publication or an ISBN or ISSN number using the search box provided on every page. Information about available permissions and pricing is delivered immediately. Users now can manage their accounts, review orders and check on special orders from any page on the site.
  • New Permission Summary Pages: Once users have identified the publication they wish to use, displays all of the available permission types on a single screen. At a glance, users know if they can reproduce and distribute the selected content by email or photocopy, use it in a coursepack, post it to an intranet and other options.
  • Enhanced Shopping Cart and Check-out:'s new e-commerce platform makes purchasing permissions to use and share content as easy as buying almost anything else on the Web. Multiple orders are handled easily and payment options are more flexible than ever.
  • New Copyright Information Resources: "Copyright Central" offers comprehensive information about copyright, including the latest industry news, a listing of related blogs and access to CCC's library of white papers and other resources.

About Copyright Clearance Center
Copyright Clearance Center is the world's largest provider of text licensing services. These services, combined with CCC's Web-based applications and tools, allow tens of millions of people in corporations, universities, law firms and government agencies to lawfully use and share published information with ease. Since its founding as a not-for-profit company in 1978, CCC has created and expanded the markets and systems that facilitate content reuse and the distribution of royalties to publishers and authors around the world. By offering rights to millions of the world's most sought-after publications, the company plays a major role in the global knowledge economy and encourages support for the principles of copyright. For more information please visit

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