Copyright Clearance Center Introduces “Copyright Plus” Desktop Compliance Solution
Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center Introduces "Copyright Plus" Desktop Compliance Solution

Pfizer Inc. First to Implement New Licensing and Education Resource

DANVERS, Mass., June 6, 2005—Copyright Clearance Center, the world's premier provider of copyright licensing and compliance solutions, today unveiled CopyRight Plus—a desktop solution that helps companies make it easier and faster for their employees to comply with copyright law. Copyright Clearance Center will demonstrate their newest offering at the Special Libraries Association (SLA) 2005 Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada June 5-8.

CopyRight Plus is a customizable, secure, Web-based solution easily accessible by employees through their companies’ intranet sites. It enables all employees to quickly verify their company’s worldwide copyright licensing coverage from Copyright Clearance Center for various uses of content from print and electronic journals, newsletters, magazines, newspapers and other materials. In addition, CopyRight Plus gives companies an efficient and consistent way to educate employees about their corporate compliance policies and responsibilities.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. recently became the first company to implement the new desktop solution for its more than 120,000 employees located in at least 150 countries around the globe. “CopyRight Plus gives Pfizer’s workforce an immediate and convenient way to verify that they have clearance to use and distribute content from millions of titles and it provides a centralized location for Pfizer’s information center resources,” said Robert S. Weiner, senior vice president at Copyright Clearance Center.

Industry analyst Geoffrey Bock, principal at Bock & Company, gave Copyright Clearance Center high marks for introducing such an easy-to-use solution for the corporate world. “CopyRight Plus simplifies the rights management process for information providers who are responsible for managing the purchase of rights within corporations. It is a great next step in the compliance solutions continuum.”

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