CCC to Explore Knowledge Graphs at Upcoming ConTech.Live Webinar


CCC will kick off the ConTech.Live 2021 conference series on March 17 at 11:30 a.m. This series revolves around “the disruption and transformation of organisations as well as the threats and opportunities they face,” with emphasis on “transforming content through data science, AI and emerging technologies.” Our Principal Consultant Ian Synge will lead the presentation, “How Can Publishers Use Knowledge Graphs to Overcome Their Data Management Challenges?” 

Ian will share the award-winning CCC Author Graph, a knowledge graph that helped address urgent publishing challenges around COVID-related research, as an example of how knowledge graphs can help publishers unearth new insights from large, flat data sets. 

In his 30-minute presentation, Ian will also explore the use of knowledge graphs in helping to solve pressing challenges, such as discovering emerging topics, recruiting authors, detecting possible conflicts of interest, performing competitive research and building a long-term network. He will also touch on the lessons publishers can learn from corporations that are finding new ways to use knowledge graphs.

Don’t wait to reserve your spot for our presentation, visit ConTech.Live and register now.

Peter Papachronopoulos

Author: Peter Papachronopoulos

Peter Papachronopoulos is a Marketing Communications Manager at CCC with 10 years of professional B2C and B2B copywriting experience. He has helped launch and relaunch the brands of small businesses and billion-dollar corporations in markets as diverse as consumer electronics, executive recruitment, ecommerce, and industrial manufacturing and logistics.

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