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For Academic Annual Copyright License Holders

Welcome to the Online Resource Center for Academic Institutions. This site was designed to help colleges and universities with the campus-wide roll out of their Annual Copyright License.*


This site is comprised of four helpful and informative areas:

Getting Started and Rollout password protected — Helpful materials including checklists, sample communications, marketing materials, and best practices and guidelines to help you develop a plan of action for a smooth and successful rollout of the license and to help you increase awareness of the license across your campus.

Vendor Integration password protected — Tools and templates to help you extend license coverage to your on- and off-campus copy shops and courespack providers.

Information Usage Survey password protected — Easy-to-understand instructions for the usage reporting requirement of the license, along with a template for gathering the necessary data.

Copyright Education password protected — Comprehensive copyright educational offerings to help inform and educate your faculty and staff about important intellectual property issues.

Use the implementation checklist password protected to keep track of your rollout.

For your convenience, the resource center also features direct links to the following frequently used areas of copyright.com.

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